Time With
Guy Thompson


Photography by
Rose Keddell

Time With
Guy Thompson

Guy Thompson

What was that one piece of jewellery that really sparked conception for Guy's Gold??

I knew what I wanted for my wedding ring. I just didn’t know where I could find it. After an extensive search to find something off-the-shelf I ended up asking a local manufacturing jeweler to custom make it for me.

Long story short, I ended up canceling the order and asking if he would take me on as an apprentice, I got declined (twice) but I did manage to convince him to let me make just this one ring with him. After I made my ring he ended up giving me a job and things just snowballed.

Other people were keen to get rectangle signets made so I did a few of them and then used that money to make a few more rings and expand the range into the 4 rings we have today.

As the name of your business suggests, you have chosen the medium of Gold as your primary material. Are there other materials or sources that you take inspiration from and that impact your work?

I love working with gold, it's durable, recyclable and valuable - I reckon no matter where you were in the world you could sell your 18ct Rectangle Signet and buy a flight home.

I get inspired by things that have really stood the test of time, cars, architecture or products that were cool in their day and even cooler now. The people I get to meet in this line of work are also pretty inspiring. I love meeting up with grooms and making something we are both stoked on.

Guy working in his home studio.

Dream client is knocking at your door, what is your ideal piece to make them and how would you approach the task?

I'm about to start a wedding ring for one of my best mates. He wants a hearty diamond set in the face of a signet which I'm looking forward to putting together!

But every client is a dream, it's a privilege to be asked to make something they will keep forever.

We’re big fans of a slow start to our mornings here, how do you start your day? Work or pleasure?

My daughter’s 11 months old and up at the crack of dawn every day so I wouldn't call it a slow start, but it’s the best way to start the day. Other days I’ll try to go for a run or squeeze in a quick wave before heading in to work.

Has there been a period or moment in your life that has had or is having an impact on your work or how you approach a task?

I would have to say going to design school. I may not have come out the other side the best Graphic Designer but It changed the way I thought about things.

Band or signet?

Rectangle Signet all day. Second choice would be a 4mm half round band.

What was the last thing you were really excited about?

The future for GG always gets me pretty excited. I’ve got a big list of goals so there is always something to work towards or tick off.

Guy wears our Big Pocket Waxed Jacket in Midnight and Classic Pant in Moss

Any piece of jewellery you’re dying to make yourself?

For a long time I have been wanting to make a pinky ring for myself that my daughter can one day inherit. It’s going to be an oval signet (King Charles style) with an old English ‘C’ engraved on the face and maybe a little message on the inside too.

What are three words you would use to describe your work? Do these three words translate into your daily life? If so, how?

Considered, Honest, and Balanced.

I like to think they translate into my life as much as they do my work. Got to set a good example now that I'm a dad!

What's next for Guys Gold, would you ever consider experimenting with a different material, or would you stay close to you namesake?

We actually have platinum come across the bench all the time, Guys Gold just sounds better haha. Next up for GG will just be chipping away at everything and seeing how it all pans out, we are still very much a side-hustle but it’s nice that way, it means there's lots of room for growth!

Guy wears our Short Sleeve Shirt in Almond and Permanent T-shirt in Milk