Tailored Wool Trouser

Tailored Wool Trouser

Tailored Wool Trouser Measurements (Approx. +/- 1cm)


Size XS S M XL
Waist (inside circumference) 76.5cm 81cm 85.5cm 90cm 94.5cm 99cm
Outer seam (including waistband)
108cm 109cm 110cm 111cm 112cm 113cm
Inner seam 76.5cm  76.75cm  77cm 77.25cm  77.50cm  77.75cm
Width at knee 28cm 29cm 29.5cm  30cm 30.5cm 31cm
Hem 21.5cm 22cm 22.5cm 23cm 23.5cm 24cm


We recommend measuring your waist and taking the size above this measurement. Eg. An actual waist measurement of 80.5cm would be a size small.

Reach out to us if you are having difficulty with size, we are happy to give assistance with our styles.