Time With
Jeremy Hooper & Johnny Price of HereThere


Photography by Jeremy Hooper

Assisted by Liam Ooi

Time With
Jeremy Hooper & Johnny Price of HereThere

Jeremy Hooper & Johnny Price of HereThere

What is HereThere?

(Jeremy) HereThere can be difficult to summarise as it has developed into a few different things since its inception but I would say it is a brand, a community and a platform for storytelling. The name represents the narrative of movement from one place to another. In most cases, on a bike but we like how the idea is fluid and can be applied to most things. 

We initially began by starting a social group ride on Friday mornings in Auckland. We felt there was something missing for a younger demographic and for people that were new to riding. A lot of people that get into cycling start off riding by themselves so we wanted to create an accessible platform for people to connect, learn and build confidence riding with others. Alongside the Friday ride we quickly introduced faster training rides into the week for those that were interested. While we both love the social aspect of cycling, we also put a lot of time and effort into performance so we thought it was important to cater to this as well.

The rides were growing by the week and the overall brand was getting a good response. We were excited by the momentum and wanted to explore what else we could do with it. This led us to building a website and creating story pieces such as the Tour Aotearoa, Tukino Road and Destination Everywhere Malaysia in collaboration with Pas Normal Studios.

Jeremy walking with a bike wearing long sleeve stripe shirt and black trouserJeremy wears Oversized Shirt in dusty stripe, Relaxed Organic T-shirt in soft grey and Classic Pant in black.

Any favourite post-ride routine?

(Jeremy) It usually revolves around eating and coffee, depending on how long the ride is and what time you finish.

What made you both want to build your passion for cycling into a community?

(Johnny) Cycling has always been inherently social, unlike other sports you're able to go far in a group over what can be pretty long periods of time so creating a community felt very natural. We saw the success of groups overseas so wanted to have our own take on them. We’re pretty lucky to have some amazing roads in New Zealand so it’s been great to share those experiences with other people.

What are the core values of HereThere?

(Johnny) To bind the cycling community in New Zealand. To provide both those that are new and experienced the opportunity to ride together, build community, improve ability and explore.

Side view of Johnny wearing the Big Pocket Jacket in black.
Johnny wears the Big Pocket Jacket in black.

How have the principles associated with cycling impacted the way you see design? (Maybe explain the principles eg. discipline, structure, methodical etc. then go on to explain)

(Jeremy) Cycling has always been about expression for me. I am in love with the subtleties in which you can communicate different ideas without actually saying anything. Whether it's through fashion, the bike you ride, the component choices, how you train or even the way you ride. it all comes together and everyone has an opportunity to participate in their own unique way. Design is a very similar outlet for me, I like to think my design values show through on the bike and vice versa.

What makes good design for you?

(Jeremy) I think good design clearly communicates an idea in a visually engaging way that is intuitive to its audience.

Close up of Jeremy wearing a grey tucked-in t-shirt and stripe long sleeve
Jeremy wears Oversized Shirt in dusty stripe, Relaxed Organic T-shirt in soft grey and Classic Pant in black.

What is the city/route that is at the top of your bucket list?

(Johnny) Spain - Mallorca and the roads around Girona, Would love to ride the big mountains in France made famous in the Tour. More through Asia also - Japan!

Why do you think building community is so important? How do you hope HereThere impacts its community?

(Johnny) We think it’s important as it serves as both a support network and a good motivator. Knowing that others are making it out when you’re maybe not that keen definitely helps and having it on a Friday is a nice touch point for everyone to share their weeks and weekend riding plans. We hope HereThere provides a space for people to come along regardless of their ability and feel welcome.

Johnny pictured with bike wearing a black jacket, white t-shirt and black pants.
Johnny wears the Big Pocket Jacket in black and Classic Pant in black.

Anything exciting brewing in the pipeline for HereThere?

(Jeremy) We have a lot of exciting projects and trips planned for 2024. We’re looking to launch a group ride in Wellington and host some longer weekend rides in both cities.

Any advice for someone looking to start cycling?

(Johnny) It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re looking to start, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from someone who’s already involved. Invest in the best you can afford, it’ll always cost less long term.

A photo of HereThere, Jeremy Hooper and Johnny Price