Time With
Prakashan Sritharan



Time With
Prakashan Sritharan

Prakashan Sritharan

How was KAUKAU born and how did you get there?

KAUKAU was born from an idea of collaboration - collaboration in the way we worked with our designers with our physical space, our ongoing collaboration in the way we work with our artists and makers, and collaboration in the way Nadya bring our ideas together.

The initial ideas of what we wanted to do were sown back in the first lockdown of April 2020 - as most businesses were doing at this time, we both talked about openly how we could do things differently. It took us a year from that to formalise the idea and let it come to fruition. Now having had the business for a year, we still like to think it's a work in progress.

Any daily habits?

A nice cup of coffee and a good soundtrack

You have worked on many interior spaces that have helped shape Wellington City in recent years. When approaching a new space, what are the key things you like focus on to inform your design decisions?

That's nice of you to say. When approaching spaces, it's overwhelmingly personality driven both with the clients and the designers & makers I've been lucky to work with each space. I've been in a fortunate position of only working with clients that I have a personal connection, in particular a lot of neighbouring businesses to KAUKAU.

When it comes to particular design decisions with hospitality spaces, elements like functionality will underpin any design decision, but also a deep desire to make things as beautiful as possible. I am a firm believer that there should be no substitute for wanting to create a space that feels beautiful and evokes a strong emotional feeling that people can relate to, no matter what the budget is.

Read any good books lately?

Currently reading 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by Milan Kundera - it's a very light read. Also picked up Brannavan Gnanalingam's new book, Slow Down, You're Here. He's probably one of my favourite New Zealand authors.

What is your favourite medium to play with?

The warmth and naturality you can create with a material like timber is something that I've always enjoyed working with.

Prak wears our Merino Knit Polo in Oat

What has been your most fulfilling project to date?

Easily KAUKAU. Nadya and I worked tirelessly to put together the vision for our dream space, having been both our second spaces it was great to be in a position to challenge some natural conventions. We feel a wave of gratitude to those who helped us along the way.

Where do you look to find your inspiration?

I read this essay on a yearly basis from Jo Randerson to recalibrate myself. If that fails, it's a run around the block or over a couple glasses of yummy wine with friends.

Favourite thing to do on a night out?

Karaoke and Negronis.

How do you think your surroundings impact your daily life?

I feel like I'm very much a product of my environment. Nadya often tells me I'm very particular, I find it hard to not be affected by the things around me. I like the things I surround myself to be reflective of who I am and enriching of a life I've chosen to live.

Favourite thing to cook?

Hard to pick from a range of Sri Lankan curries, but probably a dhal. There's so many subtle variations and it's a great quick dinner to whip up.

With the New Zealand borders beginning to open up, is there anywhere you can’t wait to visit?

Much like everyone we had travel plans curtailed from COVID, the biggest for us was a trip to Japan. We are now eyeing that trip up again as we have to use our credit soon and couldn't be more excited.

Prak wears our Jacquard Knit Polo in Oat.